Most popular Garage Doors styles for $1million plus homes

A garage door normally makes up one 3rd or even more of the complete front façade of the property. When carefully select, garage doors complement the look of property, which a wrong option makes them an eyesore of the residents. When it’s time to change an old garage door, it presents a fine option to give a facelift to the property.

If you too are planning to acquire a fresh garage door, we’re here to help you narrow down your choices by presenting the most popular garage doors styles for one million-plus home. Take a look!

  1. Sectional Garage Doors

These are perhaps the style for 1 million home garage doors. Compiled with panel sections linked via hinges, section style garage doors have wheels on every panel that roll on a vertical way spread along all sides of the door opening. Some of high tension springs connected to the wires operate the door smoothly and keep in from drifting down when the garage door is partially open.

These low maintenance and solid garage doors are built with steel and you can customize them as you like for the window textures, inserts, hardware, and colors. You can install either an insulated/non-insulated version of these, depending upon your requirements.

  1. Carriage Garage Door

This garage door style suits a number of properties. Generally, they copy the look of conventional door utilized in carriage homes in the past. Having said that, they do not look out of a spot when fixed in a property with modern look, conventional doors had a be opened/closed manually. Modern versions of this style, on the other side, can be closed and opened with the help of an automatic opener.

  1. Raised Panel Garage Door

These are one of the most common styles; in fact, it’s the style most homeowners consider when they think of garage doors. While floating panels were a main function in the actually raised panel doors, the current variant of such style as fiberglass door panels are strong, one of the factors for the growing fame of this style of garage door is that they’re available in a range of materials, such as wood, fiberglass, and aluminum.

  1. Modern Garage Doors

These are characterized by tempered glass panels that are clear or tinted and encased in painted frames. They’re made to complement modern homes with accents and lines. In addition, slab garage doors, which open by just folding up as one panel rather than three or four separate horizontal panels are also making a comeback in houses with retro contemporary styles.

Most popular Garage Doors styles for $1million plus homes

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