In a rideshare accident – Don’t forget these 3 things before you leave the scene of the accident?

As the use of ridesharing applications becomes more and more popular, there will be a huge uptick in ridesharing car collisions.

Ridesharing services were supposed to make life simpler. You can get form an A-point to B-point without having to concern about parking and driving. But in irresponsible car drivers could become a big inconvenience in your life.

When you pick a ride and place an order, you’re putting your life in the hands of a stranger. It does not mean if you are in vehicle with them or if they hit your vehicle. If you acquire a ridesharing accident collision with a driver, there’re three things you need to do, before leaving the accident spot.

Don’t forget these 3 things before you leave the scene of the accident?

While it can be inconvenient to be connected in a vehicle accident, it can also be extremely painful too. As long as you make the correct things after the accident, compensate you get will help soften this difficult blow.

Rideshare accident in Florida? – Here is what to do before leaving the spot:

Call police

Just like any other car accident, it’s forever best to acquire a police report so there’s a legal record of it occurring. If you’re wounded, get medical attention first and keep the record of any bills or visits.

Take pictures

Once again this is a basic part of any vehicle accident. If possible, make your own image at the site so you can have them for personal data and for the use in the claim process if needed.

Get the contact details of any witnesses.

Rideshare accidents are different than usual car accidents in the spot that it is extremely likely that somebody will try to deny what occurred, whether it is the car drive or the company. Therefore, it is smart to have a list of witnesses that can swear for you. if possible, get their cell number, name, and their email address.

Then speak to a qualified local attorney like who can assist you with the next steps.

Further Information Regarding Rideshare Car Accidents:

  • If the car driver is a mistake for the accident during your ride, you’re covered below rideshare company insurance policy. It is still very important o look for legal support to help you with the procedure after a rideshare accident.
  • Rideshare car drivers are considered self contractors rather than staff drivers
  • When filing a case you’d typically be going after the car driver rather company itself because they normally deny any liability regarding rideshare accidents involving their drivers.
In a rideshare accident – Don’t forget these 3 things before you leave the scene of the accident?

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