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    We are some of the best names in the industry which can allow you to have a smooth functioning car.


    They have some of the best experts who will easily guide you to get the right kind of sooth functioning vehicle.

    Jonathan L. Ko

    They made sure that helped me transform my car into something very beautiful inside out.

    Sara W. Atterberry



    Drew’s Garage offers a huge selection of performance tires, with the largest collection of street rod and muscle car wheels anywhere!


    At Drew’s Garage, we pay special attention to the interior of our cars. We consider every detail – from custom fitted seats to the special feel of an Italian leather we pay attention to every detailed stitch.

    Body & Paint

    Drew’s Garage is simply one the best custom car paint shops in Arizona and we have earned this reputation. We have our very own Paint Booth in-house and do not send anything out when it comes to body/paint.










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    5 Reasons you need a professional to remove your old couch?

    No doubt, there are numerous options to remove your old couch. But it is essential to use professional junk removal services. Selling your old couch is one great option, but never the best. Here we shall be looking out five top reasons while a professional should remove your old couch.

    Safety at its best

    With the use of professional couch removal service, you gain total security and protection. Getting rid of your old couch can lead to injuries, accidents, and other social disasters. With professionals on your side, you can avoid the negative issues.

    Seamless Couch Removal Process

    Using the services of a professional couch removal company such as Cheap Skips 4 Hire who may specialise in junk removal the UK can make the whole process seamless and stress-free. You don’t have to worry about where to dispose of your old couch, or the tools to use. The whole calculation is done for you by the professionals.

    They know the right tool for couch removal

    It is important to utilise the right tool when removing furniture from your home. Manpower is good, but using the right professional would be better. There are a set of tools readily available to make your couch removal simple and smart. It is only the professionals that know the best way to use these tools for your advantage.

    The perfect place to dispose of your old couch

    A professional is some who have gain years and wealth of experience in a particular industry. Using a professional couch removal company gives you the right atmosphere where you can easily dispose of your old couch with the hassle.

    Affordable, yet quality

    Using a professional couch removal service will help you to spend less. No doubt, many people believe hiring a professional will cost a fortune, the reality is that; it does not cost you much. It is very affordable if you use the right couch removal service.


    Getting rid of your old couch implies the professional need to take them to somewhere outside your home. No doubt, your furniture is heavy, and needs some level of experience to handle it without any injury. You need professionals to get the job done for you. If you undermine the usefulness of professional to remove your old couch you may experience troubles.


    Most popular Garage Doors styles for $1million plus homes

    A garage door normally makes up one 3rd or even more of the complete front façade of the property. When carefully select, garage doors complement the look of property, which a wrong option makes them an eyesore of the residents. When it’s time to change an old garage door, it presents a fine option to give a facelift to the property.

    If you too are planning to acquire a fresh garage door, we’re here to help you narrow down your choices by presenting the most popular garage doors styles for one million-plus home. Take a look!

    1. Sectional Garage Doors

    These are perhaps the style for 1 million home garage doors. Compiled with panel sections linked via hinges, section style garage doors have wheels on every panel that roll on a vertical way spread along all sides of the door opening. Some of high tension springs connected to the wires operate the door smoothly and keep in from drifting down when the garage door is partially open.

    These low maintenance and solid garage doors are built with steel and you can customize them as you like for the window textures, inserts, hardware, and colors. You can install either an insulated/non-insulated version of these, depending upon your requirements.

    1. Carriage Garage Door

    This garage door style suits a number of properties. Generally, they copy the look of conventional door utilized in carriage homes in the past. Having said that, they do not look out of a spot when fixed in a property with modern look, conventional doors had a be opened/closed manually. Modern versions of this style, on the other side, can be closed and opened with the help of an automatic opener.

    1. Raised Panel Garage Door

    These are one of the most common styles; in fact, it’s the style most homeowners consider when they think of garage doors. While floating panels were a main function in the actually raised panel doors, the current variant of such style as fiberglass door panels are strong, one of the factors for the growing fame of this style of garage door is that they’re available in a range of materials, such as wood, fiberglass, and aluminum.

    1. Modern Garage Doors

    These are characterized by tempered glass panels that are clear or tinted and encased in painted frames. They’re made to complement modern homes with accents and lines. In addition, slab garage doors, which open by just folding up as one panel rather than three or four separate horizontal panels are also making a comeback in houses with retro contemporary styles.

    In a rideshare accident – Don’t forget these 3 things before you leave the scene of the accident?

    As the use of ridesharing applications becomes more and more popular, there will be a huge uptick in ridesharing car collisions.

    Ridesharing services were supposed to make life simpler. You can get form an A-point to B-point without having to concern about parking and driving. But in irresponsible car drivers could become a big inconvenience in your life.

    When you pick a ride and place an order, you’re putting your life in the hands of a stranger. It does not mean if you are in vehicle with them or if they hit your vehicle. If you acquire a ridesharing accident collision with a driver, there’re three things you need to do, before leaving the accident spot.

    Don’t forget these 3 things before you leave the scene of the accident?

    While it can be inconvenient to be connected in a vehicle accident, it can also be extremely painful too. As long as you make the correct things after the accident, compensate you get will help soften this difficult blow.

    Rideshare accident in Florida? – Here is what to do before leaving the spot:

    Call police

    Just like any other car accident, it’s forever best to acquire a police report so there’s a legal record of it occurring. If you’re wounded, get medical attention first and keep the record of any bills or visits.

    Take pictures

    Once again this is a basic part of any vehicle accident. If possible, make your own image at the site so you can have them for personal data and for the use in the claim process if needed.

    Get the contact details of any witnesses.

    Rideshare accidents are different than usual car accidents in the spot that it is extremely likely that somebody will try to deny what occurred, whether it is the car drive or the company. Therefore, it is smart to have a list of witnesses that can swear for you. if possible, get their cell number, name, and their email address.

    Then speak to a qualified local attorney like https://lsclawfirm.com who can assist you with the next steps.

    Further Information Regarding Rideshare Car Accidents:

    • If the car driver is a mistake for the accident during your ride, you’re covered below rideshare company insurance policy. It is still very important o look for legal support to help you with the procedure after a rideshare accident.
    • Rideshare car drivers are considered self contractors rather than staff drivers
    • When filing a case you’d typically be going after the car driver rather company itself because they normally deny any liability regarding rideshare accidents involving their drivers.

    Some Car Paint Prep Tips And Tricks That You Should Follow At All Times

    Car Paint

    Would you look at that? You have finally decided to take the plunge into painting your car and looks like you want to do it yourself. The very first thing that I wanted to tell you was that it is NOT going to be easy if you want to do it yourself. Because, unfortunately, you can’t just grab some cans of paint and start laying down some color on your car, it does not work like that at all. Painting a car would undoubtedly require so much more planning and effort as well. You will also need to have a lot of practice and patience too. In this guide, I will list out some basic knowledge about this procedure that you should know. These tips can certainly get you started peacefully.

    lot of practice

    –    There is some deconstruction work that you should have in mind. The very first step to a proper re-spray would be removing all of the little bits of the trim, emblems and also non-painted parts temporarily. Some things you can actually put tape on or around. Taping around bumpers and door handles is really dumb, which is why you should not do it. Take some time to actually remove these items before you start spraying. You final product will definitely look way better because of all of your effort.

    –    Paint shows everything, and this would be even to the finest detail. If you car has chips, flaws and some scratches you cannot exactly paint over it and then expect it to just disappear. They will actually show up worse if you just paint over them. You need to strip it and then put some new paint over it. You will find some scratch removers which you can use as well.


    –    Sanding is an important step. If you are going to paint the car, you will also have to be doing a lot of sanding, and you should just accept that. If the existing paint is in decent shape, it can actually be prepared with some fine scotch-Brite pad. You should not sand the body any high than 500-grit because the paint needs some roughness so that it can lock onto it.

    –    One of the most common reasons for a new paint job would be the damage and also the rusting of the metal. There are some chances that this rust might have caused some damages to the metal and youll still be left with the unwanted paint that needs to be t. If you are sensing that you have no clue how bad it is, you should make sure that you just contact some experts about this issue. Since they do this for a living, they will know what to do.


    67 Chevy Camaro

    Team Drew is properly installing a rear-axle seal on a ’67 Chevy Camaro muscle car which was improperly installed from another shop without the seal causing a leak from a rear-axle vent. Although this seems like basic fundamentals, not all shops are the same. Don’t let this happen to your car, get it done right the first time at Drew’s Garage. Whether it be a simple tune-up or a upgrade such as Vintage Air AC or Hughes Performance transmission, Drew’s Garage can take care of all your hotrod, muscle car and vintage car needs.

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